Wooden Statue “Osa-osa Ni’oböhö”

Osa-osa Ni’oböhö - Wooden Statue. Sedan chair used by noblemen during Owasa feasts of merit. It is made of wood and resembles the shape of a deer.

Osa-osa is a seat for the ones who are holding a feast of merit (Owasa). The feast maker feeds all relatives, villagers and even neighbouring villagers to get the acknowledgement and confirmation of his social status. After arranging an Owasa the feast maker will be remembered and respected by all the guest. The  aim of arranging an Owasa is to enhance the social status (Bosi) of the feast maker.

The shape of an osa-osa resembles the deer’s anatomy since in the oral tradition of Nias it is told that the deer was used as as a horse to ride on by the forest people, a mythological tribe called Bela.

Origins: Amandraya, South Nias.

No.Inv: 03-3628

Length: 227 cm / Width: 46 cm / Height: 138,5 cm