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The Nias Heritage Museum is the perfect venue for meetings, training workshops, conferences, celebrations and events. The museum provides a range of different types of meeting rooms and event spaces featuring unique architecture situated inside the beautiful and tranquil museum complex.

The Museum meeting rooms are in high demand and are regularly booked by local government offices, NGO’s, private companies, church and community groups.

ruangan_pertemuan_museum_pusaka_nias_2Apart from meeting rooms the following services and facilities are available:

  • AV equipment; projector, microphones and loudspeakers
  • Ample and secure parking
  • Accommodation available at Museum Nias Lodges for participants and event organisers
  • Catering available from Museum Nias Café
  • Cultural performance by Museum Nias dance group
  • Recreational activities such as swimming, visiting the zoo and museum exhibition or relaxing in our beautiful garden space.

Our Meeting Rooms and Event Venues :

Omo Bale

Situated in the heart of the Museum complex this is our most popular meeting room. Omo Bale is a replica of a traditional meeting room from Bawömataluo in South Nias. Village councils and trials would be held in this type if building. The structure has a unique style and contains many beautiful traditional Nias wood carvings. This room is suitable for meetings and training events. Omo Bale has a capacity of 80 people.


Omo Bale meeting room is suitable for ceremonies, meetings and workshops.

Bintang Timur (Eastern Star)

This unique meeting space is situated on the oceanfront in the southern part of the Museum complex. The building has a large dome shaped roof and is built with natural stone taken from Idanö Gawo.  The stones are neatly organized to form a large seating area. This space is perfect for guests who plan an activity such as dancing, singing or practical training of some kind. It is often used by large school groups or for church services. Bintang Timur has a capacity of 200 people.


Bintang Laut meeting room is suitable for large groups and events.

Bintaing Laut (Sea Star)

This meeting room is situated in the end of a pier on the southern tip of the Museum complex. Surrounded by the sea on all sides this room almost feels like being on a boat. The gentle sea breeze means that the room never gets too hot. This space is often used for meetings, services, celebrations and corporate functions. Bintang Laut has a capacity of 120 people


Sea Star (Bintang Laut) meeting room is popular for celebrations, weddings and more casual meetings.

Multipurpose Room

This room is located in the Museum office building and is a typical meeting room with all the modern facilities one can expect. It is air-conditioned and very suitable for AV presentations and more private meetings. It is often used for board meetings and training sessions. This room has a capacity of 35 people.


Our Multipurpose room is suitable for private meetings, power-point presentations and training sessions.

Contact us directly to discuss your meeting and event needs.




EXHIBITION ROOMS; showcasing the highlights of the Nias Heritage Museums collection of Nias artefacts.


MUSEUM CAFÉ; serves drinks, snacks and a selection of tasty meals.


MINI ZOO; our small educational Zoo with mammals, birds and reptiles native to Nias Island.


MUSEUM LODGES; our guest accommodation, including four traditional Nias houses.


MUSEUM GARDENS; includes a medicinal plant garden and a swimming beach.


LIBRARY; our collection of over 700 titles related to Nias.


ILO - International Labour Organsation

WHO - World Health Organsation

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations

OXFAM International

UNICEF - United Nations Children Fund

UNDP - United Nation Development Program

SURFAID International

WVI - World Vision Indonesia

CDRM - Center for Disaster Risk Management

RRI - Radio Republik Indonesia Gunungsitoli

PPA - Pusat Pengembangan Anak

PKPA - Pusat Kagian dan Perlindungan Anak

IKIP - Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan

STIE - Skola Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi

Dinas Pariwisata

Dinas Perindustrian & Perdagangan

KPU - Komisi Pemilihan Umum Nias Utara

BRI - Bank Republik Indonesia

BNI - Bank Negara Indonesia


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