Tiger Sculpture “Adu Harimao”

Adu Harimao – Tiger Statue. In the Maniamölö region of South Nias there used to be a ceremony where a statue of a tiger was paraded around. Because there were no tigers on Nias, the statue (Adu Harimao) looked more like a large dog with a cat head. This sacred rite was held once every seven or fourteen years. The tiger statue was then broken into pieces and thrown in the river. The ceremony was called Famatö Harimao. Local people believed that all sins they committed during the previous years would wash away together with the statue. Since most Niasans became Christians the Famatö Harimao ceremony is no longer celebrated. In an effort to preserve and revitalize the local culture, this ceremony is sometimes conducted in South Nias at certain events. Today the ceremony has changed name to Famadaya Harimao (procession of the tiger statue).

This tiger statue was made in 1980 to welcome the former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia late Haji Adam Malik on his visit to Bawömataluo village, South Nias.

Inv: 03 – 3374

Length: 140 cm / Height: 97 cm