Wooden Sculpture “Adu Inada Larise”

Adu Inada Larise – Wooden Sculpture of Mother Larise. The ritual of the female sculptures, the mother of Larise (Inada Larise) was developed concurrently with the tiger ritual (Famatö harimao), which uses a male tiger figure. The first tiger as well as female figures are said to have been brought to the Southern Maniamölö area by the ancestors of a man named Sadawa Mölö.

Different clans derive from of Mölö's five sons. Some clans (Fau, Sarumaha etc) took on the tradition by using the female figure Inada Larise. Other clans (Tachi and Hondrö) developed the Adu Harimao tradition.

Width: 100 cm / Height : 188 cm