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The Nias Heritage Museum is actively researching and documenting the history and culture of Nias. The results of this work have been published in many books in several languages.  So far the following book titles have been published and are available for sale at the museum:

Publikasi_1b_Buku Asal usul Masyarakat Nias 1. Asal-usul Masyarakat Nias, Suatu Interpretasi
The origins of the people of Nias, an Interpretation
Author: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. 2nd Edition published  2016
Content: About the Origins of Nias people based on studies of oral traditions as well as archaeological and genetic evidence and results of DNA tests.
Language: Indonesian. 244 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-6-1
Price: Rp. 150.000, -

Publikasi_2b_Buku Omo Niha2. OMO NIHA – Perahu darat di pulau bergoyang
OMO NIHA – Land boat on the swaying island
Author: Nata'alui Duha. Published 2012
Contents: A variety of interesting stories about the background of Nias Traditional Houses and indigenous villages with the idea to preserve it into a cultural tourist attraction. Illustrated with 170 color photos.
Language: Indonesian. 289 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-3-0
Price: Rp. 80.000, -

publikasi_3_buku-ritus-patung-harimau3. Ritus Patung Harimau
Rites of the tiger statue
Author: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2005
Contents: About the customary laws surrounding the purification rituals and ancient beliefs in Maniamölö community, South Nias.
Language: Indonesian. 267 p.
ISBN: 979-97549-6-X
Price: Rp 40.000, -

publikasi_4_pasukan-belanda-di-kampung-para-penjagal4. Pasukan Belanda di kampung Para Penjagal
Dutch troops in the village of butchers
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2013
Contents: Stories from the Resistance war against Dutch Colonial Troops in the Fau area in South Nias. Chronological History of events in Nias as well as various historical documents from overseas.
Language: Indonesian. 58 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-7-8
Price: Rp. 20.000, -

publikasi_5_buku-hilizamofo5. Hilizamofo
Village of the Ancestors
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. & Nata'alui Duha. Published 2015
Contents: Overview of descendants of the ancestor of the Mölö clan from Hili'amaetaniha village. Additional Information about development, traditions and customs in the village of Hili'amaetaniha.
Language: Indonesian & Nias. 275 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-9-2
Price: Rp. 75.000, -

publikasi_6_buku-turia-mazino6. Turia Mazinö
Stories from the Mazinö region
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2016
Contents: Historical records from the traditional territory, (öri) in the Mazinö area. Outlines the origin of the indigenous communities in the region and recounts stories from the mysterious figure Eve and his feats of magic, as well as other local characters.
Language: Indonesian & Nias.
ISBN: 978-602-72287-1-9
Price: Rp 55.000- 

publikasi_7_buku-daeli-sanau-talinga7. Daeli Sanau Talinga dan Tradisi lisan di Onowaembo Idanoi
Daeli Sanau Talinga and other oral traditions from Onowaembo Idanoi
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2005
Contents: Historic records and stories about the ancestors named Daeli and their descendants named Gea who started many large clans and spread throughout all of Nias island.
Language: Indonesian. 120 p.
ISBN: 979-95749-3-5
Price: Rp 25.000, -

publikasi_8_buku-obat-tradisional-nias8. Tanaman Obat Tradisional Nias 
Traditional Medicinal Plants of Nias
Author: A collaboration between the staff of  Nias Heritage Museum and local Traditional Medicine Practitioners.
Contents: Medicinal plants on Nias, their benefits and use.
Language: Indonesian.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-1-6
Price: Rp. 30.000, -

publikasi_9_buku-catatan-tentang-gerakan-faawosa-di-nias9. Gerakan Agama Fa’awösa khö Yesu (AFY) di pulau Nias
The religious Movement Fa'awösa Kho Yesu (AFY) on Nias
Author: Dr. W.A. Ginsel. Published 2008
Translated by: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap.
Contents: Notes on the movement of the first sect of Protestants on the island that broke away from the main church.
Language: Indonesian. 88 p.
ISBN: 979-95749-2-7
Price: Rp. 25.000, -

publikasi_10_buku-tuturan-tiga-sosok-nias10. Tuturan Tiga Sosok Nias 
Three oral stories from Nias
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2008
Contents: Three orals stories about tradition and history from around Nias: about the region Idano Mola, the presence of the Polem clan originating from Aceh in Gunungsitoli and the Bugis people of the Maru clan in Hinako Islands.
Language: Indonesian. 187 p.
ISBN: 978-95749-9-2
Price: Rp. 45.000, -

publikasi_11_buku-sampai-ke-pulau-pulau-yang-jauh11. Sampai ke pulau-pulau yang jauh
To the distant islands
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2009
Contents: The arrival and work of Catholic Capuchin missionaries from Germany on Nias Island (1955-1965).
Language: Indonesian. 185 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-0-9
Price: Rp. 35.000, -

publikasi_12_buku-lawondrona12. Lawaendröna – si pencari kehidupan abadi hingga ke bulan
Lawaendröna - seeker of eternal life of the moon
Author: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published in 2013
Contents: Various poems that recounts the search for eternal life of Nias people and the foundation of trust of the Nias community.
Language: There is an Indonesian and a German edition of this book. 176 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-4-7
Price: Rp. 45.000, -

publikasi_13_sejarah-gereja-katolik-di-pulau-nias13. Sejarah Gereja Katolik di Pulau Nias
The history of the Catholic Church on the island of Nias
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2015
Contents: History of the early arrival of Catholicism on Nias and the life of missionaries from France, the Netherlands and Germany.
Language: Indonesian. 325 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-8-5
Price: Rp. 55.000, -

publikasi_14_buku-pusaka-nias-dalam-media-warisan14. Pusaka Nias Dalam Media Warisan
Nias culture in the Media
Editor: Nias Heritage Museum Staff. Published 2011
Contents: A collection of articles from various authors about the culture, history, social life, architecture and environment of Nias.
Language: Indonesian. 593 p.
ISBN: 978-602-9280-02-9
Price: Rp. 60.000, -

publikasi_15_buku-katalog-koleksi15. Katolog Koleksi Museum Pusaka Nias I
Nias Heritage Museum Collection Catalogue 1
Author: Nias Heritage Museum Staff. Published 2008
Contents: Description of the collection on display in pavilion 1 at the Nias Heritage Museum.
Language: Indonesia & English. 72 p.
ISBN: 979-95749-8-6
Price: Rp. 30.000, - (Out of stock, but available at the Museum Library)

publikasi_16_buku-katalog-koleksi16. Katolog Koleksi Museum Pusaka Nias II
Nias Heritage Museum Collection Catalogue II
Author: Nias Heritage Museum Staff. Published 2011.
Contents: Description of the collection is on display in the pavilion II at the Nias Heritage Museum.
Language: Indonesia & English. 119 p.
ISBN: 978-602-9620-00-5
Price: Rp. 40.000, -

publikasi_17_ensiklopedia-pusaka-pulau-nias17. Ensiklopedia Pusaka Nias
Encyclopedia of Nias Heritage
Author: Nias Heritage Museum Staff. Published 2011.
Contents: Contains a list of different types of natural and cultural heritage on the island of Nias accompanied by an explanation.
Language: Indonesian. 121 p.
ISBN: 978-602-9280-01-2
Price: Rp. 30.000, -

publikasi_18_buku-famato-harimao18. Famatö Harimao
The Tiger statue ceremony
Author: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 1986.
Contents: An overview of the ancient beliefs in the Maniamölö community, South Nias  and changes in traditional laws and purification rituals involved in the tiger statue ceremony.
Language: Nias. 281 p.
Price: Rp 25.000, -

publikasi_19_buku_omo_seubua19. Omo Sebua
Traditional Nias Chiefs House
Author: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 1990
Contents: The story about the origins of the establishment Chiefs Houses (Omo Sebua) or Lasara houses (Omo Nifolasara) in  Maniamölö Territory, South Nias.
Language: Nias. 188 p.
(Out of stock but available at the Museum Library)

publikasi_20_buku-hikaya-nadu20. Hikaya Nadu
History of the Ancestor Sculptures
Author: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 1995
Contents: Stories about the statues and sculptures called Adu, which are associated with ancient beliefs and feasts in Nias society.
Language: Nias . 668 p.
Price: Rp 50.000, -

publikasi_21_buku-niduno-duno-ba-nori-onolalu21. Nidunö-dunö  ba Nöri Onolalu 
Stories from Onolalu region
Author: P. Johannes M. Hämmerle, OFMCap.1999
Contents: Stories about traditions and history of the Onolalu region in South Nias.
Language: Nias. 162 p.
Price: Rp. 25.000, -

publikasi_22_buku-niduno22. Nidunödunö Somasido Urongo
Stories I like to hear
Author: Fangehao Matias Zebua (Ama Aslina)
Contents: The history of the origin of Nias people, the spread of Nias people in West Nias , customary law and the fight against Dutch and Japanese occupiers.
Language: Nias. 127 p.
ISBN: 978-602-7227-0-2
Price: Rp. 45.000,-

publikasi_23_buku-heiwisa-ba-dano-neho23. He'iwisa ba Dano Neho
How it is in the Eho region
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 1998
Contents: Stories about the traditions and history of the Eho region in Central Nias.
Language: Nias. 187 p.
Price: Rp. 25.000, -

publikasi_24_buku-ulunoyo24. ULU NOYO – Cerita rakyat di Hulu Sungai Oyo
ULU NOYO - folklore from upper Oyo River region
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2012
Contents: Stories about the traditions and history of Ulu Noyo region in Central Nias, including hundreds of Nias proverbs.
Language: Nias. 312 p.
ISBN: 978-602-95999-2-3
Price: Rp. 55.000, -

publikasi_25_buku-traditional-architercture-nias-island25. Traditional Architecture of Nias Island - Indonesia
Author: Alain M. Viaro & Arlette Ziegler. Published 2006
Content: Information and technical explanations about traditional Nias Architecture, the customs and traditions associated with living in a traditional Nias house.
Language: English. 101 p.
ISBN: 979-95749-5-1
Price: Rp. 65.000, - (out of stock but available at the Museum Library).

publikasi_26_buku-dann-frage-den-dreikopf26. Dann Frage Den Dreikopf
Ask the Triple head
Editor: P. Johannes M. Hammerle, OFMCap. Published 2005
Contents: Various stories and songs from Onohondrö Village, South Nias
Language: German. 161 p.
Price: Rp 35.000,-

publikasi_27_buku-jalan-salib27. Jalan Salib Megalitik
The Megalithic way of the cross
Author: Hadrian Hess OFMCap. Published 2016
Content: documentation of the living megalithic culture of Nias and examples of enculturation where megaliths and stone art have been incorporated in Christian art and decoration.
Language: Indonesian. 52 p.
Price: Rp 30.000,-





P. JOHANNES HÄMMERLE. Born in Germany, he came to Nias as a Catholic missionary in 1971. He became an Indonesian citizen in 1981. In 1991 he founded the Nias Heritage Foundation. He has written several books about Nias in German, Indonesian and Nias language.


NATA’ALUI DUHA. Born in Hilimondregeraya village in south Nias. While studying to become an English teacher he started working with the museum in 1991. In 2013 he became the Director of the Museum. He is the author of the book Omo Niha and have edited several other books published by the museum.


MATIAS FENGEHAO ZEBUA. Lived in the village of Ononamölö in the Mandrehe area of West Nias. He was passionate about Nias culture and had great knowledge about local traditions. He wrote the book Nidunödunö Somasido Urongo in Nias language.


HADRIAN HESS. Worked as a missionary on Nias between 1975 – 2014. Fluent in the local language he translated many religious texts and books to Nias language. He co-authored the book Jalan Salib Megalitik di Pulau Nias.


ALAIN VIARO. Prof. Viaro and A. Ziegler from Switzerland travelled extensively in Nias since 1977 to conduct research on the architecture and culture of Nias. Their work has resulted in many articles in several languages and the book ‘The traditional architecture of the island of Nias’.



The Museum Pusaka Nias operates a library specializing in books related to the culture, history and heritage of Nias Island. The Museum library is open to the public and has become an important point of reference for local students and visiting researchers.


There are over 700 books in the library. Most books focus on Nias culture and history, but there are also other interesting books. The library is open Monday - Friday during normal business hours (8 am - 5 pm).


This library has become a popular public facility, especially for local students. If you want to search for information about the Nias Island and its culture, the library is waiting for you.


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