Stone Sculpture “Ni’omanu” & “Osa-osa”

Ni'omanu – Stone Sculpture. This sculpture symbolises a nobleman and resembles a mythical animal on Nias, a combination of a deer (Böhö) and a dragon (Lasara). They are usually small like the head of a cockerel and are often perched on a high spot.

Osa-osa is a seat for the ones who are holding a feast of merit (Owasa). The feast maker feeds all relatives, villagers and even neighbouring villagers to get the acknowledgement and confirmation of his social status. After arranging an Owasa the feast maker will be remembered and respected by all the guest. The  aim of arranging an Owasa is to enhance the social status (Bosi) of the feast maker.

Origins: Sirahia – Hililaora, Lahusa

Material: Limestone

No.Inv: 04-0068

Length: 41,0 cm / Width: 30,0 cm / Height: 55,0 cm / Weight: 17,76 kg