The Nias Heritage Museum operates a Library specializing in books related to the culture, history and heritage of Nias Island. There are also a range of other useful and interesting books. The Museum library is open to the public and has become an important point of reference for local students and visiting researchers.

The number of books in the library continues to grow. The collection is not limited to books about Nias but also contains many titles on topics related to culture that can be helpful to the local community and visiting researchers. Right now there are 1130 titles. Books about Nias number 328 titles. The science and business library continues to look for and collect literature to meet the needs of our visitors.

Anyone can become a member and take advantage of the library. New members are required to donate one book or pay membership dues which are Rp 25,000 for students and Rp 30.000 for the general public.

To protect the collection and avoid books being lost and damaged, visitors are not allowed to take books out of the library. Books and articles may be photocopied onsite.
The library is open Monday – Friday during normal business hours (8 am – 5 pm).

This library has become a popular public facility, especially for local students. If you want to search for information about the Nias Island and its culture, the library is waiting for you.



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