The Nias Heritage Museum is the only museum on Nias Island and it has a large collection of objects related to Nias culture and history. The exhibition featuring the highlights of the collection is housed in four large pavilions. The exhibition is open to the public daily and offers an in-depth introduction to the indigenous culture and history of Nias Island. The displays run the gamut from jewellery worn by nobles, weapons, crocodile-hide battle armor, traditional fishing and hunting equipment to headhunting paraphernalia, wood carvings used in ancestor worship, ceremonial drums, coffins with dragon heads, and beautiful scale models of traditional houses. To understand the history, meaning and function of each exhibit there are interpretational signs in Indonesian and English. Many large artefacts such as megalith stones and authentic traditional houses from different areas of Nias can be found in the gardens surrounding the exhibition buildings.

Since its opening in 1995 the Museum has been the center of the cultural and artistic community of Nias . As the only store of cultural historical collections Nias , Nias Heritage Museum has become an icon and a reference for visitors who are interested to see and learn about the island ‘s rich culture . The Museum is recognized as one of the best in Indonesia and in 2014 the founder received an award for “best conservationist of cultural heritage” from the Indonesian ministry of culture.

The staff working at the exhibition has a lot of knowledge about Nias culture and the artefacts on display. Guides are available both in Indonesian and English language. For groups and private guided tours or special visits contact the Museum for arrangements.

Opening times:

Mon – Fri 08.00 to 17:00
Sat 08:00 to 16:00
Sun 12:30 to 17:30



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